The fascination of metamorphosis – or: how to transform yourself into a member.

Metamorphosis, a term used in biology and literature, generally refers to a profound, often dramatic change or transformation. Nature has arranged it this way and has been transforming larvae into flies and caterpillars into butterflies for hundreds of thousands of years. Of course, our “Association for Music Information” is only 23 years old, but it has transformed many musicians and conductors from seekers into knowledgeable people. Now it’s up to you to transform yourself from a simple user into an informed member of the world of music.

Being a simple member of the information database has its advantages: research, search and view sheet music, all free of charge. However, certain content is not accessible. Full members can access scores and receive extensive information on works, authors and artists. Sound samples and videos are also available. Links directly to the publishers, to other well-known sources of information, casting information and download links are available. And above all, full members have access to the unique web radio, where they can put together their own program. Full members can use all this data for € 2.08 per month (together this results in an annual usage fee of € 25. In the first year there is an additional € 10 membership fee).

Make a metamorphosis now from a simple to a complete information package. You can trigger the conversion with this link:

This window appears, check the box “Yes, I would like to become a member”:

You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the account is active.

A metamorphosis in nature requires a great deal of energy. All it takes is a few clicks and your account is transformed to full information content.

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