Is your account up-to-date?

How to make your account more personal.

In order to be able to stay in contact with our members, the entries on the personal account should be up-to-date. It is no use to anyone if, for example, the email address is no longer correct and we can no longer inform you about current things. Or the address on the membership invoice is no longer correct because someone has forgotten to update it.

You can change almost anything on your account yourself. To do this, click on the link “My account” (in the blue bar, in the middle, below our logo) after you have logged in. The saved data will now be displayed and with the button “modify” you can go directly to your data sheet.

Now you can:
1. create a new password yourself
2. change the name of the club
3. compare your personal data with address etc.
4. update phone numbers (rarely used by us)
5. enter various other data
6. subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter
7. change the language

By the way: You will find a link “Show orders” in the upper right corner of your data sheet. Under this link you will find all orders placed on your account.

Do you have a new email address? Or would you like a new username? In this case you would have to send us an email, because only we can make these changes ourselves.

Further you see on your data sheet in the line “Member to end of….” until which date your account is active.

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