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Everything about a kingdom for a concert program

The phrase “A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!” is from William Shakespeare’s drama “Richard III”, when the king on the run says this after his own horse was killed. Similar was the exclamation of a Kapellmeister who had chosen a “kingdom” as the theme of his concert. And these are exactly the questions that the database www.musicianfo.net is looking forward to.

Proceed as follows: (see illustration)

Search in the database
{Selection criteria for “Kingdom” search}

Category: Concert/Wind/Brass Bands
Instrumentation: Concert/Wind Band (Ha) – for other wind orchestra instrumentations you then choose the appropriate selection
Difficulty level: (select desired level from – to)
in the Full text search line: Königreich Kingdom (“Könireich” fpr german word, “Kingdom” for en)
select at the Search type: at least 1 word present (to get works with either Kingdom or Königreich)
for the filter we have chosen: with sound sample

Here are the results:
A kingdom for a light to medium piece
A kingdom for a medium to heavy piece
A kingdom for a very heavy piece

Not every piece may not be suitable, but after a bit of searching you will surely find a piece suitable for the concert program.

In this sense “a piece! a piece! A kingdom for a piece”, according to Shakespeare’s “Richard III”.

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