100 Years Ludwig Drumset

Percussion instruments are among the oldest human instruments – drum set are among the youngest!

100 years of drums set
One of the first drumsets of the Ludwig company from 1918

If you think that drums have always existed, you’re wrong, just a hundred years ago Ludwig offered a drum set. This is proven by a catalogue of the percussion instrument manufacturer from that time. Until then at least three men had to make the rhythm, one for big drum, one for snare and one for cymbals. This tradition has survived in the marching bands to this day.

From that invention of Fa Ludwig one man could now play all the essential drums and percussions on his own. This new drum set was quickly accepted by various jazz bands in New Orleans and orchestras in America. Also in Europe and other parts of the world the instrument was appreciated and the name Ludwig was a synonym for drums.

About 60 years ago my dance band also had a Ludwig drum set. An expensive investment for us at that time – a very expensive one! The stands and machines were built very filigree. I don’t think Ludwig has used a lot of inventive talent since the invention in the further development of the metallic compounds, stands and pedals. It was not until the 1970s that the Japanese drum makers Tama and others introduced double strut stands and ball joints to the market for suspension devices.

At the same time, rock music changed the drummer’s playing style and at the height of this style of music complex percussion walls and towers were built around the drummer.

Place your drummer in the center of the anniversary year of the drums. Here we provide you with a selection of works for percussion and orchestra:
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Works very difficult

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