What are these, “PayPalists”? These are people who pay via PayPal. We have a lot of “PayPalists” and almost all of them are musicians. Paying via PayPal is easy and fast. Immediately after your order the money, mostly the membership fee, is on our account. 

Via PayPal you can also make subscription orders, payments that are automatically debited at regular intervals. However, we do not recommend this method of payment, although it would be practical for us. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Some people have forgotten after a year that you have made a subscription order with PayPal. There are protests when the payment is made automatically and we have to justify to PayPal that we did not debit the amount on our own, but that the customer chose it that way.
  2. If you pay your membership fee between the 60th and 45th day before expiration, your membership will be extended by 13 months. This will move the payment month forward and some have already transferred the membership fee 6 months before the payment deadline. That’s nice for us, but it doesn’t make sense.

Therefore, if you are a PayPalist, check your PayPal account to see if you have placed a subscription order. If so, please cancel it as follows:

  1. Find the payment in the “Activities” and select it.
  2. Click on “Show details of direct debit agreement”.
  3. Click on “Cancel”.

(on the PayPal page the links could be a bit different)

Under the link “My account” you will find in the field “Membership until end:” the date until which your membership is paid.

Our “Paypalists” are all musicians and we thank all of you who support our work with the membership fee of € 25,- (for members in the EU, Switzerland, UK and Norway) / US$ 35,- (for members outside the EU).