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19 AugWarlord or war criminal?

Napoleon Bonaparte was born 250 years ago. Napoleon was a genius warlord and guardian of the legacy of the French Revolution…

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29 JulFolk music with a heart

He is one who is fond of folk music. One who makes music with love. He doesn’t have to live from…

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28 JulThe Wind of Change – when the iron curtain fell

“Wind of Change” is the title of a rock ballad by the Scorpions that was composed and written by Scorpions singer…

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28 JulThe Devil’s World Domination – 80 Years of World War II

On September 1, 1939, Hitler reported, “Since 5:45 a.m., the gun is now being fired back! And from now on bomb…

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29 Marmusic & friends – International Choir Festival

Budapest will be the focus of European choirs from 8 to 11 November 2019. This festival is open to all choirs…

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Behind the Scenes

29 JunAdvertising is annoying….

Advertising is annoying…but isn’t this letter also advertising? No, this is information from your “Society for Music Information” as operator of the sheet music database www.musicainfo.net. And this letter is to inform you that with over 10,700 Concertband works many data were supplemented, namely:

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28 May“Fake News” in the sheet music database?

“Fake news is fake news. Messages that want to influence, messages that push the recipient in a certain direction. In former times this was called “propaganda”. The communists made propaganda about capitalism and vice versa…

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28 MayWe are not the fastest….

So, is the team of www.musicainfo.net on the lazy skin? Do they indulge in idleness? What’s the matter, I can’t find…

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26 MarSay goodbye to our internet radio stations

The ravages of time gnaw on our Internet radios In the year 2000 the sheet music database went to the international…

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