15 SepHope is made of courage

50 years of Greenpeace in music

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02 SepMikis Theodorakis died

The Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis has died at the age of 96. For many Greeks, he is considered “The Voice of…

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30 AugThe best in major and minor

The music publisher Doblinger has been considered one of the main pillars of the music country Austria for more than 140…

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27 Aug21 September: International Day of Peace

Just in these days around the events in Afghanistan, the “International Day of World Peace” proclaimed by the UN is a…

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New Publications

27 AugWild West in Portugal?

Sure, Portugal is in the west of Europe. But is there lawlessness there? No, of course not. Rather, this report refers…

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09 JulFANTASTICA – The world of extensive possibilities

The world of the extensive possibilities of the richness of sound of a wind orchestra is presented by the Luftwaffenmusikkorps Münster…

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07 JulOh, if only we had Clarinetti too!

Ach, wenn wir nur auch Clarinetti hätten!
On the Clarinet in the Works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart –
Works, facts, sources, opinions.

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12 MarWho hasn’t had enough Corona yet?

I’m getting tired of hearing that word: Corona. Nevertheless, every now and then we are asked whether there is a work…

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Behind the Scenes

30 AugDoes every concert need a common thread?

Does every piece need a concert announcement? These questions were asked recently at a brass band blog. Well, everyone can do…

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29 AugYou ask – we help.

We receive requests from all over the world for help with special searches in www.musicainfo.net. We are happy to answer these…

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23 AugSwitzerland: 2nd class self-selection pieces updated.

More than 530 works from the list of the Swiss Wind Music Association (SBV) for the 2nd class level have been…

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23 JulWhere has the web radio disappeared to?

“Webradio” became “Tracks”. Numerous enquiries with the content “Can’t find the webradio anymore” land in our mailbox. Where did it disappear…

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