28 DecProf Hans Koller died unexpectedly!

As reported by the “Kleine Zeitung”, Hans Koller – musician, composer, guesthouse owner and farmer – passed away last Friday, 24…

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28 DecGone with the Wind – Max Steiner on the 50th Anniversary of his Death

Max Steiner was born in Vienna’s Leopoldstadt in the Hotel Nordbahn and came from a wealthy theatre dynasty that was friends…

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17 DecThe Regents of the Year 2022

Many smaller and bigger names are celebrating an anniversary in 2022. In any case, there are so many that one could…

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16 DecNext spring is sure to come

For countless people, spring is the most beautiful of all seasons. The well-known German poet Johann Gottfried Herder (1744 – 1803)…

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New Publications

16 DecMade in Holland: Popular music with big names.

Emile Stoffels has more than 30 years of experience in writing high-quality arrangements for HaFa orchestras, but also for small wind…

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20 NovThe Family of Knowledge: Meredith and GIA

For many years, MID-West in Chicago was a must-attend December gathering for musicians. We often attended too, until Corona threw a…

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24 OctHollywood is in Switzerland

With this title we mean the musical centre of Hollywood. For hardly any publisher can offer more recordings and editions of…

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23 OctA wonderful sea voyage to a strange island.

Bran Mac Febail receives a visit to his castle from a mystical woman from the Otherworld, who makes wonderful music sound…

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Behind the Scenes

24 NovYou ask – we help, part 2

I have been working with computers for 40 years. No matter whether you change something in the hardware or software, there…

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20 NovHelp, my login no longer works!

The sheet music database www.musicainfo.net has been available on the Internet for more than 20 years. During this time, a lot…

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26 OctAre you a Ha, a Fa or a Bra?

Brass music is diverse. Also in the instrumentation. If it is a brass instrumentation, abbreviated to “Bra” in our country, then…

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30 AugDoes every concert need a common thread?

Does every piece need a concert announcement? These questions were asked recently at a brass band blog. Well, everyone can do…

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