26 OctArthur Schnitzler: Provocateur per excellence

These days, exactly on 21 October, the 90th anniversary of the death of the doctor, storyteller and playwright Arthur Schnitzler was…

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23 OctSir Malcolm Arnold: a border crosser of music

“Hardly any other British composer has contributed more to overcoming the boundaries between “U” and “E” music than Malcolm Arnold. Most…

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22 OctHouse Music Day – Musicians’ Day

Cecilia is known as an emergency helper and since the late Middle Ages also as the patron saint of church music….

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20 OctThe Pied Piper of Hamelin: Invention or truth?

The legend of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” is known worldwide, having been translated into more than 30 languages. It is…

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New Publications

24 OctHollywood is in Switzerland

With this title we mean the musical centre of Hollywood. For hardly any publisher can offer more recordings and editions of…

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23 OctA wonderful sea voyage to a strange island.

Bran Mac Febail receives a visit to his castle from a mystical woman from the Otherworld, who makes wonderful music sound…

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23 SepWhen Four English Gentlemen Meet….

There’s Mr Bailey. He is somewhat vain, if not snobbish. In his fine loden he moves in the circles of aristocratic…

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27 AugWild West in Portugal?

Sure, Portugal is in the west of Europe. But is there lawlessness there? No, of course not. Rather, this report refers…

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Behind the Scenes

26 OctAre you a Ha, a Fa or a Bra?

Brass music is diverse. Also in the instrumentation. If it is a brass instrumentation, abbreviated to “Bra” in our country, then…

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30 AugDoes every concert need a common thread?

Does every piece need a concert announcement? These questions were asked recently at a brass band blog. Well, everyone can do…

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29 AugYou ask – we help.

We receive requests from all over the world for help with special searches in www.musicainfo.net. We are happy to answer these…

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23 AugSwitzerland: 2nd class self-selection pieces updated.

More than 530 works from the list of the Swiss Wind Music Association (SBV) for the 2nd class level have been…

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