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22 OctLUX – Light aspects as sound visions

Genesis says, “…and God called the light day, and the darkness he called night.” Light means beginning and end, is our…

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22 MarRare moments of silence and relaxation

Guitar and double bass bring relaxed moments with arrangements of popular music. There are these far too rare moments in which…

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choral music

20 Mar600 Years of Russian Spiritual Choir Music

Тебе Поем (Tebe-Pojem – We sing to you) An overview of Russian sacred choral music The Choir of the Moscow Regional…

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Symphonic Concert Band

26 SepMystical stories from days long gone, collected by The Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force

Matty Cilissen has collected interesting stories. Conductor Matty Cilissen with his orchestra “The Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force” tells…

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