La Danza – CD with a collection of solo works and wind orchestra

The CD “La Danza” presents an impressive set of works for soloists and wind orchestra, interpreted by Milan Reicha on the clarinet and accompanied by the Philharmonic Wind Orchestra conducted by Marc Reift. This captivating collection offers a diverse range of musical pieces, from a variety of composers, enhanced by Jirka Kadlec’s imaginative arrangement. The CD is available exclusively as a download, and is a wonderful addition for lovers of soloistic music and orchestral sounds.

The album opens with“Sinfonietta Concertante” by Jan Valta, a captivating piece that combines the clarinet artistry of Milan Reicha with the dynamic power of the Philharmonic Wind Orchestra. Reicha interprets the work with passion and technical brilliance, while the orchestra, under the accomplished direction of Marc Reift, creates an impressive soundscape.

A highlight of the CD is undoubtedly the performance of Gioacchino Rossini’s“La Danza” in an impressive arrangement by John Glenesk Mortimer. Here Milan Reicha demonstrates his versatility and talent by masterfully capturing the virtuosity of the clarinet with the lively energy of the piece.

The variety of pieces continues with compositions such as“Adagio Sentimentale” (inspired by Niccolo Paganini),“Bourree” (homage to Johann Sebastian Bach) and“Solo alla Turca” (memory of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) by Jirka Kadlec. Reicha shows his ability to express both emotional depth and playful lightness in his interpretation.

“Two Gypsies,” a traditional piece, adds a touch of folklore to the CD and again shows Reicha’s artistic range. Pieces like“Anchors Aweigh” (by Charles A. Zimmermann) and“I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” bring a jazzy touch to the compilation and allow Milan Reicha to fully express himself musically.

Bohumir Kamenik’s“Nakvap Gallop” brings a rousing rhythmic dynamic to the CD, while “A Chamois in the Vineyard” and“The Two Rascals” (a duet) by Miloslav R. Procházka charm listeners with their playful traditional characters.

Jirka Kadlec’s skillful arrangement of all the works gives the CD “La Danza” a coherent yet varied structure. The selection of pieces reflects a wide range of musical styles, which Milan Reicha and the Philharmonic Wind Orchestra master with aplomb.

Publisher Marc Reift has created “La Danza,” a remarkable collection of solo pieces brought to life by the mastery of Milan Reicha and the captivating direction of Marc Reift. This album is undoubtedly a listening pleasure for lovers of clarinet music and symphonic sounds. All works (except track 1) are available for any solo instrument, woodwind, brass and some for strings.

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