Musical travelogues: a cruise from the port of Scomegna

Many cruises start in Italy

Scomegna New editions 2018 fpr Concert Band

Join us on a musical journey. We leave from the Italian port of Scomegna. Scomegna is, of course, not a port, but a publishing house. Nevertheless, it will be an adventurous travelogue. Follow us…..

First we visit the family Altavilla, Normans who conquered southern Italy in 1061. Then we ascend to Castel del Monte, a 13th century citadel and castle located on a hill in Andria in the region of Puglia in southeast Italy. In the following episode of our journey we learn more about the three sirens Leucosia, Ligeia and Parthenope, which could not enchant Odysseus and were overwhelmed by grief. They found death in the deep sea and their bodies can be found today as islands: Parthenope (today Naples), Aegean (on the coasts of present-day Calabria) and Leucosia, today the small island Licosa in Castellabate. Passing the island of Sardinia, we learn more about the Sardinian language and what the word Noda actually means exactly.

Then we head north to the spectacular Waterfalls on Iceland: Goðafoss, Fjallfoss, Skógafoss and Dettifoss. Periplo with his stories and discoveries accompanies us into the new world, where we learn something about the early history of America with “Old American Songs“. In South America we meet Astor Piazzolla with his Libertango and a Latin Band invites to a dance.

On the crossing there is of course a show program with current hits from popular music and finally the whole travel group sings “Oh Happy Day” and before entering the Scomegna home port still the song “What a wonderful World“.

With the catalogue “Scomegna, New Editions for Concert Band 2018” you can put together your own travel programme. We have integrated sound recordings, scores, videos and many text hints and further links for you.

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