20 composers present a publishing house and a man: Louis Martinus

Louis Martinus, publisher and arranger (source: HaFaBra)


The name doesn’t mean anything to you? No shame, most musicians do. Louis Martinus is the owner of the Belgian publisher HaFaBra-Music. Founded at the beginning of 1993, the publishing house has qualified as an internationally active publisher. Over the years, the publishing houses “Jive-Music” and the most important editions of “Musica Mundana” were also acquired. Furthermore, HaFaBra is representative of the American publishing house “FJH Music” for Europe (in return, FJH presents the publishing house HaFaBra-Music in the USA).

The edition HaFaBra has existed for 25 years now and on this occasion Louis Martinus presents 20 composers of his publishing house (click here), who have decisively shaped the way of the house. This list contains a selection of works in grades 3 to 6. Among them are such well-known names as the Japanese Naoya Wada, Paul Hart and Derek Bourgeois from England, Alexander Kosmicki from France, the Americans James Barnes and Stephen Bulla, as well as the Persian Amir Molookpour. This alone shows the international character of the publisher.

If only works of the higher performance level are included in this list, this does not mean that the publisher is not also active in the lower class. In addition, you will find works of level 1 and 2 for harmony orchestra. Well, who does not find there, is hopelessly lost……

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