Blue sky and a small cloud

“There is always light behind the clouds” (a word by Louisa May Alcott, an American writer, the author of “Little Women”). When the sky is covered with thick clouds, and when they stay for several days, our thoughts become depressed and everything seems to stay in one place. But we should always remember that there is always a blue sky and a bright sun shining above the clouds, waiting for the clouds to move away. No matter how long our hardships last, they will eventually dissipate as time passes.

Under this motto “above the clouds the sun always shines”, the publishing house HaFaBra, Belgium, has released a new CD. The title: Blue Sky. A small cloud stands in the middle of an entirely blue sky and announces the coming of new, interesting sound clouds from HaFaBra. Composers such as Naoya Wada, Hayato Hirose, Tishio Sakamoto, all from Japan, have contributed works. From the USA, Rossano Galante, Matthes Cohen, Kelly Bennette and David Bobrowitz are represented. Jean-Pieree Haeck from Belgium, Hardy Mertens from the Netherlands and Jordi Ripoll from Spain complete the picture of an international collaboration. In addition, there are arrangements by Edward Elgar, Georges Delerue, James Horner, Henri Mancini and Mark Knopfler.

The CD Blus Sky, recorded by Ad Hoc Wind Orchestra under the direction of Jean-Pierre Haeck and Hardy Mertens, shows listeners and musicians alike a way out of the depressive Corona phase through its bright, optimistic music.

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