European Song Contest as concert program for wind orchestra

The European competition leaves its mark on concert programmes.

{European Song Contest)

The “European Song Contest” has already been going on for over 60 years. You can stand by it as you like, but this series has produced some beautiful and lasting songs. So it’s no wonder that some orchestra conductors want to draw from this pot of evergreens and put them into a program. A few days ago this letter reached us:

“…I need your help. I’m planning a concert next year with songs that were part of the Eurovision Song Contest. It doesn’t have to be just winning titles. Please have a look at your great database. Thank you very much and best wishes for the New Year”! (E.B.)

Such requests are a welcome task for us. To test our database or possibly to upgrade to these questions. In this case we have completed the data and you can find these works as follows:

Category: Wind Orchestra/HaFaBra
Instrumentation: Wind orchestra (Ha)
in the Full text search line: EuropeanSongContest (preferably without space between words)
Start search

Here is the list of found Song Contest songs

Now, of course, there’s no point in just citing the part. You should also receive the corresponding background information. And we have supplemented these extensively and as optimally as possible. This is the only way to turn an information database into an informative database.

If you have unusual search queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

Your Helmut Schwaiger

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