Exciting literature for youth wind orchestras present two double CDs

Musical competition from 28th + 29th October 2017 documented on 4 CDs

Highlights 2017
Austrian Wind Orchestra Competition 2017, Highlights

More than 30 youth wind orchestras from Austria and the partner associations South Tyrol and Liechtenstein qualified for the 8th Austrian Youth Wind Orchestra Competition. From very light to difficult literature, more than 1000 young musicians performed in the large hall of the Brucknerhaus in Linz on 29 October 2017. The versatility of the youth works and especially the different interpretations of the compulsory pieces represented a musically exciting competition for the audience.

International Youth Wind Orchestra Competition 2017

The Austrian Wind Youth of the ÖBV has collected the best of these youth orchestras on 4 CDs in two double albums. Although the two albums are not the most recent edition, we believe that this valuable information is interesting not only for youth orchestras but also for orchestras of lower to medium levels.

The CDs can be ordered directly from:
Austrian youth wind band association
Hauptplatz 10
9800 Spittal/Drau

If the CDs are out of stock, you can request individual tracks from us free of charge.

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