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500 Years of Reformation – an addendum

Grace for all Nation: a Reformation Document for Spiritual Music

Christian Music
{Reformation 500: Grace for all Nations}

Contemporary compositions of sacred music alternate with arrangements of Christian hymns by Martin Luther. Conductor Richard R. Fischer of the “Concordia University Chicago Wind Symphony“, together with “The Grace Senior Choir” (conductor: Michael D. Costello) writes in this CD “Grace for all Nations“:

“This recording project is exciting and worthwhile, allowing members of the Wind Symphony to provice members of the church, as well as elementary, secondary and college band conductors with outstanding perfomances of much previously unrecordec sacred works for winds. For band conductors and their students throughout the world, it provides a model for the performance of these works. For members of the church, it provides an ongoing music ministry of sacred works that are frequently inspired by familiar hymn tunes.

There is a great need in our chirch for live performances that include the playing of sacred music. While the greatest benefir is derived by being in attendance at a concert or worship service, a recording project such as this allows us not only to share our musical gifts with others, but also to provide the listener with an opportunity to experience over and over again the uplifting sounds of wind and percussion the boldly give glory and praise to our God.

Compositions by Jay Bocook, Johann de Meij, Eric Whitacre, John Zdechlik, Stephen M. Lounsbrough, Christopher Nelson and William R. Brusick have contributed to this CD. Worth listening to and interesting.

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