Brass Music Congress: Literature Selection for Film Music-Musical-Pop

Topic at the 2nd Styrian Symphonic Band Congress: Literature Selection for Film Music-Musical-Pop (Lecturer Anton Mauerhofer)

It is precisely this topic around popular music that is discussed very differently in brass music circles. But if you take a closer look at the subject, you will find very different music. I myself once chose the title ” Filming ” at a concert and found everything from classical to modern that guarantees a varied program.

In order to search our database, it is of course possible to simply select the appropriate subcategory, namely Film and telvision Music: Film Music for Harmony Orchestras. You will receive a list of over 2,000 works.

The result is more ingenious if you also enter a keyword in the line “Full text search”. For example: Cowboy, if you want music from Wild West movies. Keyword “world war” brings for example war movies, and “murder” music from crime thrillers. Try “Sport” or “Animal”. “Extraterrestrial” is as interesting as “Comic”. Or you are looking for a film that has won an Oscar or had nominations for it, then enter “Oscar”. Let your imagination play. If you get too many results, narrow down the “difficulty level” or activate a filter such as “sound sample”.

The same applies to the topic “Music from Musicals“. The search in this subcategory lists 380 works (for harmony music). Select again with “difficulty level” degree from – to to get to the level of your music band. Keywords can also be used here to narrow down more precise areas. See as before with film music. But also here you can let your imagination play.

Let’s come to the third point of the theme of the Symphonic Band Congress: Pop Music. Here there are several possibilities in the selection of the subcategories:
a) Category Hits;evergreen, brings you about 3,200 works for harmony orchestra
b) category Pop, Rock, shows ca 125 results for Harmonie
c) Category Potpourri,Medley,Selection: Pop brings ca 670 Results for Harmonie

Here, too, you can achieve more precise results with creative keywords in the “Full text search” line.

If you are looking for editions for fanfare orchestra or brass bands, select the appropriate orchestra form under “Instrumentation“.

We hope you enjoy your search
Helmut Schwaiger.

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