Masterpieces from the Scomegna publishing house

The Scomegna publishing house has many new releases from 2023 that will make every music lover’s heart beat faster. The variety of new publications from the Scomegna publishing house leaves nothing to be desired and offers the right piece for every taste. From classic to modern, everything is included. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the new products!

– Three Episodes for Clarinet (Flavio Bar) – A musical journey for clarinet

With“Three Episodes for Clarinet” by Flavio Bar, the Scomegna publishing house has published a new piece for clarinet that takes the listener on a musical journey. The piece is divided into three episodes and thus offers a variety of sounds and melodies. The composer Flavio Bar manages to make full use of the instrument’s variety of sounds and to offer the player a challenge. The composition is suitable for both soloists and ensembles and is therefore versatile. With “Three Episodes for Clarinet”, the Scomegna publishing house once again demonstrates its commitment to high-quality music literature and offers both beginners and advanced players new challenges in the field of clarinet music.

– Concertino for Tromba (Lorenzo Pusceddu) – A virtuoso piece for trumpet

The Concertino for Tromba by Lorenzo Pusceddu is a virtuoso piece for trumpet that places the soloist in the foreground and showcases his skills in an impressive manner. With powerful wind fanfares and fast runs, the piece challenges the musician’s technical abilities and at the same time offers him room for musical interpretation. The orchestral accompaniment supports the soloist with gentle harmonies and rhythmic accents. The Concertino for Tromba is a challenge for every trumpeter who wants to prove his skills and try his hand at a demanding work. The Scomegna publishing house has once again proven that it has high-quality music literature for all instruments in its range.

– Doçura do Brasil (Guillaume Detrez) – The sweet music of Brazil brought to life

Doçura do Brasil (Guillaume Detrez) is a fascinating new publication from the Scomegna publishing house that brings the sweet music of Brazil to life. This composition is a wonderful example of the diversity and beauty of the Brazilian musical tradition. The mixture of traditional sounds such as samba, bossa nova and choro with modern influences creates an incomparable atmosphere that immerses the listener in the world of Brazil. Guillaume Detrez has managed to capture this musical journey in his composition and bring it closer to the audience in his own way. With clever arrangements and a perfect balance between traditional rhythms and modern harmonies, Doçura do Brasil has the potential to become a real hit – with professional musicians and amateurs alike. There is no better way to be convinced of the beauty of this music than through the performance of Doçura do Brasil!

– Duende (Vito d’Elia) – A mystical composition with Spanish flair

Duende by Vito d’Elia is a mystical composition with Spanish flair and is one of the new releases from the renowned Scomegna publishing house. With this selection of pieces, the publisher once again underlines its expertise in the publication of high-quality sheet music for musicians of all levels. The melody combines traditional elements from Spain with modern harmonies, creating a fascinating soundscape that takes the listener on a journey through the history of this country. The piece always remains challenging enough for experienced instrumentalists, but at the same time playable for beginners and advanced players. The Scomegna publishing house has set itself the task of offering pieces of music of different genres and levels of difficulty – from classical to contemporary – in order to do justice to all musicians and provide them with a wide range of musical adventures.

– Gian Burrasca (Nicolino Rosati) – A stormy piece full of passion and energy

Another highlight of Scomegna’s new publications is the play“Gian Burrasca” by Nicolino Rosati. The composition is a stormy musical journey that fills the listener with passion and energy. The title means something like “storm wind” in German and that is exactly what the piece conveys. Powerful trumpet and trombone movements and fast runs in the woodwinds create a whirlwind of sounds. Nevertheless, Rosati always manages to incorporate calmer passages that offer the listener a short breather before the storm breaks out again. All in all, “Gian Burrasca” is an impressive work full of passion and emotion that is sure to delight many listeners.

– Hirundo (Michele Grassini) – The sound of swallows inspires melodic sounds

The sound of swallows inspired the piece“Hirundo” by Michele Grassini. The work transports you into a world full of gentle melodies and harmonious sounds. The composition combines the lightness of the swallows with the virtuosity of the musician, creating a harmonious work of art. The alternation between fast runs and quiet passages creates a varied dynamic and immerses the listener in another world. This makes “Hirundo” a truly magical experience for all lovers of classical music.

– Le Trigri di Mompracem (Luciano Feliciani)- A musical homage to the adventures of Sandokan

Another new publication from the Scomegna publishing house is Le Trigri di Mompracem by Luciano Feliciani. This musical homage tells the adventures of Sandokan, a 19th century pirate who fights against British colonial powers in the Malaysian archipelago. The music takes the listener on a journey through exotic landscapes and thrilling battles on the high seas. Through the use of traditional instruments such as the gamelan and special effects, the atmosphere of this world is perfectly captured. This composition is a must for fans of Sandokan and all lovers of epic film music. The Scomegna publishing house once again demonstrates its flair for unusual pieces of music and offers a wide range of new works for musicians of all levels. Whether classical or modern, solo or ensemble – everyone will find something suitable here for themselves or to perform in concerts and competitions.

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