Switzerland: 2nd class self-selection pieces updated.

More than 530 works from the list of the Swiss Wind Music Association (SBV) for the 2nd class level have been revised, supplemented with much background information and updated. Thus, all titles of the 4th class (251 titles), the 3rd class (613 titles), the 2nd class (534 titles) and the highest class (277 titles) are now available to brass music lovers for selection and information. The 1st class is currently being processed.

You can select the works of the respective grade in the “Info” field (right-hand area of the screen). However, you can also select your desired class in the field “Self-selection list grade” when searching in music sheets/scores and integrate it into a special search run. For example, if you need an overture that is also classified in the 2nd grade, select the search run as shown in the illustration.

You have discovered videos that are missing from the database? Report them to us for linking. You can also send scores and reviews of works by e-mail to info@musicainfo.net. We will gladly link these data in the sheet music database www.musicainfo.net.

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