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Only a few people can remember the old sound recordings of the music cassettes anymore. Some people know the vinyl records, whose sound quality some music lovers particularly point out. In the 1980s, many converted to audio CD. We have been collecting all these sound recordings in various formats as mp3 since 1982 and make these recordings available to the members of our organisation free of charge.

Today 64,500 sound samples can be listened to. In addition, more than 33,000 complete radio tracks are available. These complete recordings are played on our radio station “Request Concert“, whose programme is put together by the members of our organisation themselves and which of course changes from day to day. This radio station can of course also be played by non-members. But they cannot influence the program. It goes without saying that we pay royalties in Austria to the author societies for this service. The revenues are distributed and paid out to the composers and publishers accordingly. A part of the membership fees is therefore used to ensure that the people to whom we owe the music are also paid for it.

About 12.00 titles are linked to one or more videos and we thank the many members who keep sending us links about videos we haven’t discovered yet. With this support, the information value of your sheet music database www.musicainfo.net will be continuously increased. For the sake of form we would like to point out that most video platforms do not pay royalties to the authors.

If you are interested in enlarging this sound archive, then simply send us an audio carrier, CD, data stick or mp3: Association for Music Information, Sound Archive, Schulerberg 14, 4802 Ebensee, Austria. Email: heli@musicainfo.net

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