When publishers rummage in the database…

….then sometimes you find interesting works. Many publishers enter their new editions directly into our database. From time to time we check these entries and then sometimes we find interesting works. Today we would like to present some of these new editions to you, so that your interest in them will be aroused.

Martin Rainer

The Austrian publisher ABEL from Damüls in Vorarlberg has published four works by two composers: Martin Rainer, composer from Tyrol, presents “Intrada Jubilo” and the concert march “Vereinte Elemente”. The German composer Frank Zabel has written two works for the very highest level of performance, namely ” Pictures of Imaginary Windscape” and “Symphonic Variations”. Both works are included in the German scoring list. Unfortunately the publisher is sparing with further information and so we can’t present more detailed information about these works.

The “Crescendo-Brass Musikverlag” of Mrs. Sigrid Daum from Reichenberg in Germany has published 5 works for wind ensemble or soloists. Unfortunately no further details about the works.

The Austrian Gerhard Hafner has published several works of his own, as well as two arrangements by the annual patron Ludwig van Beethoven. Scores, music samples and a few sound samples are available. An arrangement of “Land of Smiles” by Franz Lehar is also available. Here you can also compare the arrangement with other arrangements.

The “Tirol Musikverlag” brings four new works from the light music sector by Mathias Rauch, Peter Kostner and Hannes Kupfner.

Hubert Hoche

The HH-Musikverlag of Hubert Hoche from Helmstadt in Germany is always good for unusual contemporary works. He has published 21 new editions, from soloists and choral works to ensembles and wind orchestras. Many scores and music samples available.

Mimufa, the publishing house of Michael Nover from Schemmerhofen, Germany, has printed 24 works for wind orchestra, including arrangements by Bizet, Rossini, Strauss, Smetana and of course Beethoven. Unfortunately, there are not many links to them.

The semi-opera King Arthur, or The British Worthy, premiered in 1691 and is based on a libretto written in 1684 by John Dryden (1631-1700). This poet and dramatist, who was celebrated during his lifetime, was so impressed by the music of the equally famous composer Henry Purcell in 1690 that he offered his revised King Arthur Purcell for setting to music. The result was the first semi-opera that was not based on an existing play but nevertheless combined spoken drama with musical scenes. King Arthur remained in the repertoire well into the 18th century, with the popularity being due in particular to Purcell’s intimate and innovative music. This work and a psalm by Heinrich Schütz have been published by “Althorn” from Switzerland.

The idea for the play “Parade of Animals” comes from the fact that the theme “Animals” in particular stimulates children’s imagination. Although the character traits of the individual animals are hinted at, they must be brought to sound by the performers themselves and in an effective way. Published by Kliment, Vienna

Otmar’s Basic Exercises for Trombone is a book with 9 exercises for the perfect approach for students and music students is published by “Prim”, Austria.

Siglinde Steer, responsible in the publishing house of the same name, produced 18 new works of an entertaining direction, but also titles for ensembles of various kinds.

ND-Verlag from Würzburg in Germany brings two works, one by Michael Zschille and one by Wolfgang Oppelt.

Rummage through these new publications, perhaps you will find one or the other work for an upcoming concert.

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