20’s 30’s 40’s – or : the search for decades

Every decade of the last century has its musical specialties: the “Golden 20s”, the “Wild 30s”, the time of upheaval and violence of the 40s, the Roch’n’Roll of the 50s, etc. In this context we received a call for help from Germany to create a program with works from the time between 1920 and 1940. How can you find such works in musicainfo.net?

First you decide for which category you are looking for the works, i.e. wind music, or choir, or ensemble, etc.

As a second step, enter the corresponding search criterion in the line “Full text search”, in this case for example: 20er and “search”: https://en.musicainfo.net/ergebnis.php?kat=2&uk1=1&vol=20er

As a result, you get a list of works that have something to do with the 20s.

Since the above request was valid for several decades, you can enter in the line “Full text search”: 20er 30er 40er (but then you have to activate the filter “at least 1 word present” before the “search”): https://fr.musicainfo.net/ergebnis.php?kat=2&uk1=1&vol=20er%2030er%2040er&suc=or

In addition, you can also limit the “Difficulty level”, or the duration, if a certain time should not be exceeded or should have a minimum length.

Certainly not all the works shown will fit for this planned concert, but you will quickly have a framework on a particular theme. You won’t be spared another search in this suggestion list, but for final decisions there are many sound samples, scores and additional information available.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us via email. We will help you.

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