You can order what you want – we deliver nothing!

Your sheet music database has a peculiarity: You can order what you want, we don’t deliver anything! The ordering system on is only available to registered users and is a service you can use – or not. Basically, we don’t care where you order your sheet music: from the publisher, from your dealer or via

In the shopping cart on you can select a retailer from your country where the order will be forwarded automatically. The dealer you have selected will deliver the sheet music directly to you. However, there is one problem: if you have selected several items in the shopping cart and different delivery partners per item, the order will not be sent automatically. In this case we have to split and forward the order manually. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we overlook such orders and do not process the order further.

Here you can select your dealer….

Solution: If you want to send items to different partners, make two out of one order. One each to the retailer who is to deliver the goods. Such orders are automatically forwarded by the system to the correct partner. Please keep in mind, however, that each retailer may charge extra shipping costs.

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