Problem zone: ä ö ü and other special letters

Users of have pointed out that with some browsers a search with words that have an umlaut or special character does not work. It might be particularly problematic with the Windows “Edge”, which does not return a result for umlauts. Why this is so with Windows could not be determined so far. But as an association we don’t have the time and the capital to create an extra programming for Windos “Edge”. Nevertheless, we found a practical solution for those who use this system.

Instead of the special letters ä ö and ü you can simply use the basic letter a o or u. For example, instead of “Schönfeld Marsch” you write “Schonfeld Marsch”. For composers instead of “Händel” => “Handel” – etc.

Here are some tips for searching: use ss instead of “ß” (in German) => ss (instead of “Strauß” => Strauss)

omit special characters: ! ? ( ) – just enter the title without these characters.

For nordic special letters like ø just type o (instead of “nøtter” => notter)

for French special characters: “Israël” => Israel

We ourselves use Firefox, with this browser the special letters work without problems. If you notice something that is not covered here, please let us know.

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