Leopold Mozart: strict father or brilliant pedagogue?

On November 14th, Leopold Mozart’s 300th birthday was celebrated. For a long time, the father of Nannerl and Wolfgang was portrayed as a strict father who only had the success of Wolfgang Amadeus in mind. It is true, however, that he was not only an excellent teacher – his violin school still serves as a source for early music research today – he was also a good composer, who, however, did not really come into his own in the shadow of his son.

In addition to these abilities, he must also have been an outstanding manager of his son, who had connections to the highest nobility of his time. Leopold Mozart was probably a captivating person, for he quickly adapted to the habits and customs of the authorities, despite his lowly origins. He was able to dress fashionably, eat with a knife and fork (which was not common at that time), and he spoke several languages. By the way, he learned these during his travels with W. A. to various European countries.

In this report, however, we would like to refer to Leopold Mozart’s compositional work. As Vice-Kapellmeister in Salzburg, he was responsible for composing various pieces of music. Whether choir or chamber music, sacred or profane occasions, he had to create the appropriate musical framework for many things. Here is an overview, but it does not reflect his complete work.

Arrangements for wind orchestra

Compositions for orchestra/chamber orchestra

Works for ensembles

Compositions for Choir

Works for soloists and pupils

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