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Follow us – inconspicuous….

What seems like something out of a spy novel is an invitation to follow us on the new web radio. In the channel “musicainfo” you will find several playlists of current information in connection with the reports in the newsletter. In addition, we collect in “New Radio Tracks” all sound recordings that were newly added to the program in the specified month. This allows you to get to know new and older works better. Among the monthly charts, you will find compositions that other members have included in their own concert programs.

Did you know: You can add entire lists or individual tracks from the various playlists to your own collection. Just press the ‘”Add all to temporary playlist” button and the list or the single track will be collected in a list. Then you only have to save this new collection with “add to a new playlist” or add it to an already existing playlist. This is how you create your own, individual radio program.

Go to the webradio musicainfo – log in with your account, go to Playlists (in “Dashboards”) and choose the playlist you want.

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