Die großen 3

The big 3

Even 23 years after the founding of the sheet music database musicainfo.net, the task has not changed, namely, to provide optimal information for the members of our non-profit association. Despite the now all-encompassing information via the Internet, for many conductors and musicians this database for musical work is an important support for the planning and compilation of a concert. Likewise, an important treasure trove of works appropriates to the orchestra’s stage of development. For some time now, two additional modules have been offered as a supplement to the database.

Among these “Big 3” is as a basis, the database musicainfo.net itself. Nearly 500,000 records are linked to 80,000 scores, 70,000 sound samples, 40,000 complete radio tracks, and thousands of videos. In addition, countless descriptions of works, further links and supplementary information.

The second in the group is musiainfo.blog. There you will find important information about working with the database, as well as news from the world of music, anniversaries, and references to works with special status.

And, last but not least, the new musicainfo.radio, where you can compile your own program or work in a team. Here you can currently listen to music continuously for 132 days and 2 hours without any track repeating (unless there are different arrangements).

Where else can you find such comprehensive information of this quality? musicainfo.net is independent and, since our association is not a dealer, you are also free to decide if and where you want to buy your sheet music.

The big 3 from musicainfo.net, the association for music information.

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