Actors, singers and other jugglers….

“I would like to perform a whole musical with my wind orchestra. That is, with singers, choir, actors, etc. But the search for such works does not turn out to be very easy!” A call for help that we take seriously. Firstly, this request is not only interesting for the questioner, and secondly, this concert design could also interest other orchestra leaders.

In the sub-category “Music from musicals” you will only find works from already existing musicals. Mostly potpourris from one or a mixture of different works. So they are not suitable for the question posed.

In this case, you will find what you are looking for in the sub-category “stage performances“. Here we have collected those works that not only need an orchestra, but also actors, singers and more.

For example: “Around Air” – A Musical Legend – by Irlando Danieli from the Wicky publishing house: a scenic presentation in 5 acts for 2 reciters, a female solo voice, choir and harp (text in Italian and English). In a musical way, the word of St. Francis invites the Lord’s creatures to peace and brotherhood.

Once upon a time…” is how most of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tales begin. Under this title, Jan van der Roost has written a Singspiel for narrator, actors (ad lib.), children’s choir and wind orchestra. In this Singspiel, composed in honour of the 150th anniversary of Jacob Grimm’s death in 2013, singing and spoken text alternate continuously and the orchestra also plays an important role, so that the overall work is varied in content and sound. Once upon a time … can also be performed in concert and also offers possibilities for a (partial) scenic realisation.

A “life” work between Eros and Ethos. The work “Mystica” by Hubert Hoche offers a project in music, image and dance. It is about nothing less than life itself: from birth to death, from becoming to growing and thriving to passing away. Life – a mystery that we face in amazement and yet whose protagonists we are ourselves. The composer Hubert Hoche has created music in seven pictures that reflects the course of life in the field of tension between drive and reason, ethos and eros, individuality and constant return.

Don Quixote, by Thomas Stolz, was written for children’s choir, soloists, actors, dancers and band/orchestra. The choir and the role of soloists and actors are suitable for lower school/primary school. There are many small acting roles as well as rappers and dancers to perform the instrumental pieces. A percussion group can also be integrated (scenically), as some pieces have notes for additional percussion players.

Like “Don Quixote”, many other works similar in instrumentation have been published by HeBu, Germany. Siegmund Andraschek, Josef Bönisch and Reinhard Summerer have dabbled in this genre and created several works that will be enjoyed by the performers as well as the audience.

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