Thousand new radio tracks per month!

Information is important for you. Complete sound recordings will help you to decide on your programme. We take meticulous care to ensure that the sound recordings correspond exactly to the original sheet music. In the last few weeks our sound archive has been combed through and since September we have found and linked almost 3000 new complete recordings for you! A total of about 38,500 complete sound recordings are currently available to you.

For example, since September 2020, more than two thousand five hundred wind orchestra recordings have been added to the database. For music for ensembles, 100 recordings have also been found, and for soloist music there are also 17 sound recordings, some for choir music, and several for chamber orchestra and Big Band.

In addition to the sound recordings, about 12,000 video examples were added. The disadvantage of these videos is the high fluctuation due to copyright reasons (deletion of videos). So if you come across a record where the video was deleted, please let us know. However, please also report a video that you have found that is missing from the database. The advantage of our sound recordings is therefore the security of access over many years.

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