Well-intentioned but unwanted: Direct debit orders

Membership fees are due once a year. You will receive a renewal invoice 60 days, then 30 days and again 14 days before expiry. Some of our members have been well-intentioned and made a subscription order with PayPal. Here the membership fee is automatically debited once a year. However, members still receive the aforementioned letters. So it happens that the amount is transferred by hand and an automatic debit is made.

Usually we receive a letter of protest that we have made a debit order with PayPal, although the membership fee has already been paid elsewhere. We explicitly point out: we do not make such debits! Since we also have no access to your PayPal account, we ask members to cancel this subscription order. Membership fees paid twice will be refunded by us. However, this will cause us considerably more work, which we would rather invest elsewhere.

  • So if you have made a subscription order, cancel it this way:
  • 1. look for the payment in the “activities” and select it
  • 2. click on “View debit agreement details”
  • 3. click on “Cancel”.

So, if you accidentally transferred too much or twice, you will see the additional message “You have an important message” after logging in to your account. Click on the link provided and you will be forwarded to this information.

“Well-intentioned is often cried for” – we do not cry, but we do not want to be stamped as “double cashiers” either.

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