Michael’s selected works

Michael Hug is a music publisher and music dealer in Switzerland, and has been a partner in our database for 20 years. As editor of the standard works “1000 PLUS Selected Works Grade 4-6” and “600 Selected Works Grade 2-3” – compiled by Felix Hauswirth – he has a lot of experience in recommending particularly valuable and popular compositions in the wind music sector. You will find his suggestions if you activate the filter “Michael’s Tips” during your search.

Over 1400 works of all levels of difficulty are included in this collection. This is not a “hit parade” of best-selling works, but an individual, subjective selection of recommendable literature. All areas of wind music literature are included, light music as well as original compositions, arrangements as well as contemporary compositions.

The filter “Michael’s Tips” is intended to give you additional help when selecting a concert programme.

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