How the theory of relativity helps Santa Claus bring gifts.

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No matter what you call it – Christ Child or Santa Claus – how did they manage to supply millions of children in one night? And why does Santa Claus fit through every chimney? How does the Christ Child get into every locked room? A British physicist has taken a closer look at some of the peculiarities of these Christmas gift bringers. She comes to the conclusion that Einstein’s theory of relativity can explain some of the seemingly “impossible” achievements. You can read this not entirely serious but scientifically sound report here (in German).

However, our article is not about Einstein’s theory of relativity, but about the fact that Christmas is getting closer every day. Whether it is possible to hold a Christmas concert this year in times of the Covid 19 pandemic is another question. In any case, we have drawn up some lists to help you make a choice. The countdown is running….

Christmas music for wind orchestra, level 1 and 2, with sound sample and score

level 3 and 4, with sound sample and score

level 5 and 6, with sound sample and score

Christmas music for other orchestra forms

Christmas music for choirs

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