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A Cantastoria conquers the wind music…

Oh, were those perhaps good times, when the balladeers met under the lime tree on the village square and sang the news of politics, the state or simply gossip. Those who spread “fake news” at that time were punished as liars and had to drink the sourest wine in the inn. The lyrics of the balladeer songs were therefore time-related and up-to-date and were therefore not written down. Only a few of these songs from the 17th century have survived and reflect a moral image of that time.

In southern countries “Cantastoria” was the name given to the balladeers and Robert van Beringen has arranged these old songs for wind orchestra.

Such and similar stories are included in the Hal Leonard Europe catalogue “New Releases & Highlights 2019-2020″. We have linked a lot of links, information and texts to it, furthermore videos, sound recordings and scores.

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