The Scottish composer, arranger and trombonist

What do tomatoes and trombones have in common?

worst movie ever: The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

“The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” was voted the “worst film of all time” in the late 1970s. Despite this predicate it quickly became a cult and two more “Killer Tomatoes” movies followed and there are even computer games with this title. So what follows is the realization that you can be successful even with bad work.

But what does this story now have to do with trombones? The common ground is the title of a composition by Alan Fernie: “The Attack of the Killer Trombones”. But first of all it has nothing to do with the film and secondly, it is a great work of the composer from Scotland. It’s not shallow at all, but still has a performance level of 2-3.

Alan Fernie was born in 1960 in the Scottish mining village of Newtongrange, where he learned to play trombone in the band of the same name. After studying music in Glasgow and London, he played with most of Scotland’s top bands and co-founded the Caledonian Brass Quintet of which he is still a member today. Alan Fernie now lives in Edinburgh, where he works as a teacher, juror and wind player. He also conducts various bands. His numerous compositions and arrangements are played throughout England and Europe.

“The Attack of the Killer Trombones” is available as a trombone solo with wind orchestra or with brass band and is published by Obrasso, Switzerland. Do not be afraid and listen to the video .

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