What’s the beatbox doing in the string orchestra?

What’s a beatbox? This is a “percussion line” which imitates a drum kit with mouth, nose and throat. Beatboxing is often equated with vocal percussion, but strictly speaking it only describes a special form of it developed in hip-hop.

Composer Dr. Lauren Bernofsky, Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Lauren Bernofsky used in her composition “7th Street Beat” a “Beatbox vocal line” (optional), because this should give an amplification for the beatbox sounds in the string parts. Also optional (but highly recommended!) is the improvisation part. Here the musicians (students) should not be given any rules about which notes they should play or not. In this part they should decide for themselves what they want in order to develop their abilities and musical personalities! It is a piece that will be a lot of fun for young players.

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