Folk music with a heart

He is one who is fond of folk music. One who makes music with love. He doesn’t have to live from music, it’s his favourite hobby. He has transformed himself from a wind musician to a folkdance musician, a musical form of the alpine region. This transformation can also be found in his many compositions.

Friedl Wallner, composer from Niedernsill

We’re talking about Friedl Wallner. Once a military musician in Salzburg and a member of the Niedernsill and Uttendorf bands, he now works as a tenor in his own “Niedernsiller Tanzlmusi“. At the age of 8 he learned flugelhorn with Heinz Egger and joined the local band in Nierdernsill at the age of 12. In 1983 he changed from flugelhorn to tenor horn. Since 2008 he has been “retired in wind music”. Since then, his work has been devoted to folkdance music (Tanzlmusi).

His complete sheet music catalogue is now included in the database. The editions are only available directly from the publisher. We have added a link to the composer’s order form.

wind orchestral works

Works for ensembles

Solo works

Also for string orchestra

Some of his compositions have been arranged by Gerhard Hafner for string orchestra:

string orchestra works

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