Alphorn, saxophone, French horn and other crooked things

In your database you will find all sorts of crooked things waiting for a solution with a lot of supplementary information. Because it’s summer and holiday time, we make here a small puzzle game, which you can solve with a little bit of criminal skills quickly.

Matteo Firmi

‘Abendlied’ is a sacred motet by composer Joseph Rheinberger for a six-part mixed choir. It is regarded as his most famous sacred composition and has a strong affinity to the English spiritual song “Abide with Me”. Rheinberger wrote a first version on March 9, 1855, one month before Easter and two weeks before his 16th birthday. At the age of 24 he reworked the motet, for example by eliminating the repetition of notes and changing the markings. The Italian arranger Matteo Firmi arranged this famous motet for ????

The question is: What are the crooked things for which the arrangement was created?

Frey, Andreas 1970- (Photo:

Braunwald is a mountain village in the Glarnerland in the Swiss Alps. In search of this special echo, the composer visited his brother in the summer of 2017. This booklet was written there. Due to the bad weather he had a lot of time to compose and was able to take a look through the clouds at the grandiose alpine scenery from time to time. The compositions are directly influenced by the impressions of the mountains, which he was able to collect in the village and on several hikes. As a city man, he was very impressed by this experience of nature and the beauty of the mountains. So the music reflects the beauty of nature and the mountains and is in the tradition of the original ?????? game.

The question is: In which tradition of these crooked things does this collection stand ?

Kazimierz Machala Photo:

Born in Poland, Kazimierz Machala is an active performer, composer and teacher. He studied at the Janacek Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in the Czech Republic. In 1974 Machala was awarded third prize at the International Music Competition for Woodwind and Brass Instruments in Prague. With Eclipse, a work for eight ???????, the composer wrote a dynamic concert piece that balances all voices.

The question is: can eight of these crooked things even make music together?

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