Musicainfo Radio Update An innovation for brass music fans and more

The introduction of in 2001 was a groundbreaking development for fans of brass music and other genres. This radio station offers an exclusive platform for those who are passionate about brass music, while at the same time choral music and other musical genres also find their place. What makes special?

Dedicated brass music content: is the ultimate place to go for brass music fans. With an extensive selection of brass band pieces, from traditional marches to contemporary compositions, the station covers the broad spectrum of brass band music. Listeners can look forward to a diverse and inspiring selection of works from this genre. Members of the association can create their own compilations and share them with their fellow musicians. This makes a valuable aid in putting together concerts and programs.

Variety of music genres: Although focuses on brass band music, this does not mean that other music genres are neglected. Choral music, orchestral music, jazz and other styles also find their place in the program. This diversity allows listeners to explore new musical horizons and be inspired by different genres.

Curation for brass music connoisseurs: The curators of are experts in the field of brass music. They carefully archive the most interesting recordings in order to offer listeners a varied listening experience. From traditional ensembles to innovative arrangements, the station presents a diverse selection of brass music that will delight connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

Informative approach: In addition to music, also offers informative content about wind music, composers, ensembles and concerts in conjunction with the database and Listeners can learn interesting facts and background information about the pieces played, deepening their understanding and appreciation of brass music.

Community experience: creates a lively community of brass music lovers who can share their passion. Through interactions, discussions and feedback, listeners can actively participate in the radio program and share their love of brass band music with like-minded people.

All in all, is an exciting innovation for the world of brass music and beyond. With its dedicated focus on brass music as well as other music genres, the station offers a versatile and inspiring platform for music lovers worldwide. It is a sign of appreciation for the diversity of music and a tribute to the passion and dedication of those who love it.

Attention: if you change your password for any reason, the synchronization between database and web radio is carried out automatically. However, this process can take some time. So if you receive the message on the web radio: “The handshake is invalid”, please be patient. If the message is still displayed after more than an hour, please inform us by e-mail.

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