New Releases, Part 1

This question arises: how to keep track of new releases from music publishers? The “Association for Music Information” serves over 2,300 music publishers. Every new release is important, yet our staff must maintain an A-B-C list to separate the very important from the less important information. This is often not easy for us, but due to the flood of new works worldwide, we have to separate what is internationally important from what is only of local significance. In addition, attention is also paid to what additional information is offered about the works. Simple lists are sure to be ranked in the back, ahead of those that offer extensive supplements.

From time to time we report on those works that have been newly added to our database, or on the novelties from the current year. It goes without saying that not everything that comes onto the market immediately appears in the database. Our maxim is: the depth of information is more important than the quantity. After all, what does a title in a list tell you versus a work with important information? We are constantly working on adding more depth to titles that have been on the market for some time.

Here you can find the list of those works that have been newly added to the database.

Here is a review of the new releases from 2022.

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