Franz Lehar

2023: Birthdays, commemorations, anniversaries

The year 2023 offers a variety of commemorative days. About 150 composers have a round anniversary of birth or death (100 / 200 / 300 etc). At least as many a “half-round”: here the birthdays, here the years of death (50 / 150 / 250 etc.). And if that is still not enough, you can select the “quarter rounds” (25 / 125 / 225 etc.) or the “three-quarter rounds” (75 / 175 / 275 etc.). The following report shows you how this can be done easily and quickly.

In the database ‘”Composers/Contributors” you can find these results quickly and easily. For “Birth/Baptism/Founding”, in the “Year” field, select the anniversary year you are looking for, for example, “23” for all birth years ending in 23. If you only want the hundred-year-olds, select “century” = 19.

Birthdays and death days are two different searches, so you can’t combine them.

Probably the most famous anniversary is the 75th anniversary of Franz Lehar‘s death. Naohiro Iwai has his 100th birthday, as well as Georgy Salnikov. Sergei Rqachmaninoff has his 150th death anniversary, as have Max Reger, Leo Fall and William Christopher Handy. Es gibt also zahlreiche Komponisten, die heuer in den Programmen der Orchester und Ensemble geehrt werden können.

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