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You play the flute? You play the trumpet? Then this article is just right for you. Because at some point your musical performance will be at a level that will allow you to imagine yourself in a big orchestra. Perhaps with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Opera, or with the Radio Symphony Orchestra there? Or the doors are open to the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra or the Camerata Salzburg? You can reach your goal. The Penthesilea Academy accompanies you on this path.

The Penthesilea Academy has set itself the goal of accompanying young, talented musicians on their way to a positive audition experience. Here, specific space is offered to work on the wide-ranging orchestral repertoire, to strengthen mental and physical balance in individual coaching sessions, to hone one’s qualities as a “team player” in the ensemble and, at the same time, to be inspired by the picturesque surroundings at Lake Traunsee.

Karin Bonelli leads the Masterclass Flute. She loves it when a sea of sounds and the people who ignite it become one. So it is fortunate that she has been part of the unique ocean of sound called the Vienna Philharmonic since 2012. She was the first woman to be engaged in the wind section of the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and thus with the Vienna Philharmonic.

Roman Rindberger, director of the Masterclass Trumpet, has been professor of trumpet and brass chamber music at the MUK Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien since 2012, as well as trumpeter in the ensemble Mnozil Brass. 

Apply now for the Academy 2023 and take your chance to simulate your audition in front of a professional jury. The course puts you in the situation that you will have to master later on in order to make the leap into the orchestra. You will learn how to prepare yourself artistically, physically and mentally to be able to give a full performance in one of the most important moments of your life. You can find more detailed information on the homepage of the Pentensilea Academy, Austria.

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