O’zapft is – the music and the Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest in Munich, probably the most famous, the Kaiserwies’n in Vienna, there are Oktoberfest celebrations everywhere. Yes, you can even find such events in America and the Far East. Brass music is an important part of these festivities. The repertoire ranges from hearty polkas to dreamy waltzes, tight marches and robust pop music.

Of course, one can be divided about these mass events. But the fact is that wind music can present itself to a very broad audience there. Even if it is “light musical fare”, it should be performed as professionally and routinely as possible. We have compiled a list of works below that are intended to entertain the audience.

Titles on the subject of Oktoberfest

Light to medium-heavy marching music

Fleet polkas

Waltz to dream

Hits and evergreens

….and those who like it very modern, rock and pop music

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