Meeting place for old friends: Brass Freunde

Old friends are always nice to meet again. Some more often, some less often. When you meet them, then – perhaps – in a new guise. In “Blechbekanntschaften” (Brass Friends) you meet 15 old acquaintances, newly dressed by Klaus Schmuck. But there are also two new “Brass Friends” who could become new old friends.

The 15 well-known melodies come from different styles and have been supplemented with preludes, interludes or postludes, where appropriate, to make them more attractive for a performance. These good old acquaintances are rounded off with two swinging new acquaintances, so that a wide range of musical pieces of medium difficulty is available.

The obbligato parts 1, 2, 4 and 5 make a complete four-part movement. With the optional 3rd part this brass quartet can be extended to a brass quintet. Published by “Deine Blasmusik”.

If you want to find more new works of this edition for brass, use this link.

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