Inspector Douglas Brown investigates: Murder at Midnight!

It has happened again: Someone has been murdered. Exactly at midnight! There are nine suspects and Inspector Douglas V. Braun is now to find the culprit. Was it the oboist? Or the trumpeter? The percussionist is also very suspicious, as are the string players, who sneak through the events with innocent expressions. All this is not so tragic, because it is a musical crime comedy. To be found in the new releases of the publishing house Intermezzo from Berlin.

After studying at Cambridge University, “Commissioner” Douglas V. Braun worked as a composer, pianist and lecturer in Coventry. From 1979 he spent three years in Pretoria (South Africa) as a répétiteur, conductor and choir director and was then engaged for two years at the theatre in Bremerhaven. In 1985 he moved to his current artistic home, Berlin. At the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Douglas Victor Brown has been a solo répétiteur ever since. He wrote his first composition at the age of 11. Since then he has composed for various ensembles.

The publisher Intermezzo offers a wide range of works for soloists, various ensembles and orchestras. International composers are represented, and interesting works can be found at all levels of performance. All new publications can be found under the link provided. New wind music scores, new music for chamber orchestra, contemporary music for ensembles, choral music, new music for vocalists and for soloists bear witness to the extensive output of the Intermezzo publishing house.

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