As a publisher on his own paths.

From time to time we receive enquiries as to whether the database is also available to self-publishers. Yes, of course, our database is available to every publisher free of charge. The prerequisite is: you must be a member of our association. The data can be entered into the database by the publishers themselves. Which additional information such as scores, music and sound samples, videos etc. a publisher wants to make available can be decided by each publisher.

When registering for the first time as a publisher, you must inform us whether the issues are only supplied directly by the publisher or via dealers. If a publisher only offers its products via downloads, we charge € 10 per month (billing is for one year at a time). No further costs will be charged.

You should only offer your own compositions or copyright-free works. We accept no liability if titles or arrangements of protected works are entered in the database. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Helmut Schwaiger, e-mail

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