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For many years, MID-West in Chicago was a must-attend December gathering for musicians. We often attended too, until Corona threw a spanner in the works. When we visited, there was a must-attend date: The visit to the “Family of Knowledge” at the meeting place of the publishers GIA Publications, Inc. and Meredith Music. Both publishers dedicate their specialist publications to the further education of musicians, choir and orchestra conductors. teachers, ensembles and many more. And it was not at all easy to get an appointment there, because the rush was great. And so you could meet everything there, from simple band musicians to well-known composers.

So, as many musicians are also denied access this year due to the pandemic, you can find the new releases and the most important programme of both publishers in the database. All issues are in English. As new publications you will find:

Rehearsing the High School Orchestra: This book by Sandy Goldie contains the collected insights of some of the most inspiring high school orchestra directors in the United States. They reveal their ideas on rehearsal philosophy, rehearsal preparation, warm-up strategies, favourite repertoire, tone/bow control, intonation, articulation, expression, online teaching, recruitment and community building. Each of their stories is as unique as the individual strategies and approaches they share. The ideas, approaches and strategies presented in Rehearsing the High School Orchestra are sure to inspire you.

Rehearsing the Jazz Band: This book by Mary Jo Papich and Ryan Adamsons provides a great space where everyone can gather to ask questions about the art of rehearsing and hear answers from people who know. It includes chapters by Caleb Chapman, John Clayton, José Antonio Diaz, Curtis Gaesser, Antonio Garcia, Gordon Goodwin, Roosevelt Griffin III, Sherrie Maricle, Ellen Rowe, Roxanne Stevenson, Steve Wiest and Greg Yasinitsky.

Rehearsing the Middle School Band: 12 of the most prominent elementary, middle, and junior high school band directors in the United States share innovative ideas on programme structure, recruitment, and rehearsal strategies for aspiring musicians. Through perseverance and creativity, these outstanding leaders have continually honed their craft, providing an exceptional experience for their students and redefining the potential of young musicians. Compiled by Stephen Meyer.

Rehearsing the Marching Band: Thirteen prominent marching band show designers and educators share insights into their philosophy and creative process for marching band show design and share innovative teaching strategies related to visual fundamentals, visual ensembles, and creating effects that elicit audience response. Their guidance can be applied to all teaching situations and programmes, whether the ensemble is in the early stages of development and growth or has been successful for many years.

A View from the Rear – Memoirs of a Virtuoso Timpanist in the Orchestra’s Golden Age: At the age of 19, Saul Goodman became a timpanist with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra under the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini. Forty-six years later, he retired as one of the most famous orchestral musicians of all time. During his illustrious career as composer, inventor and timpanist, he contributed to over 1,000 recordings, placed his students in the world’s most important symphony orchestras and set standards in percussion performance and pedagogy that endure to this day. His memoirs and those of his students trace his musical development and take the reader on a journey through his unique experiences during the greatest era of American symphony orchestras.

Building a Band Programme that Lasts: Developing and sustaining a successful band programme is no easy task. But there is good news: understanding and implementing key guiding principles will provide the motivation for consistent growth and productivity. And there’s even better news. The very theories that lead to consistent band programme success are the perfect tonic for your own well-being: develop a philosophy, maintain a winning attitude, learn for life, embrace diversity, communicate effectively, position yourself for success, accept feedback, encourage teamwork, lead, motivate and the list goes on. Whether you are about to begin your career as a band leader or have already taken the step, Building a Band Program that Lasts will give you the essential tools you need for lasting success in band and in life.

Practicing Music – How the Professionals Do It: Successful professional musicians – whether instrumentalists or singers – are always busy. Performances, teaching, family and work commitments keep them on their toes around the clock. Yet they still find time to practise to maintain their technique, prepare for upcoming performances and succeed as musicians. In this eye-opening collection of essays, these world-renowned artists share their insights on practising, from practical tips you can apply today to the intangible lessons of a musical life.

You can find the entire Meredith/GIA publishing programme here.

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