Help, my login no longer works!

The sheet music database has been available on the Internet for more than 20 years. During this time, a lot has changed in the electronic world. Security has become the top priority to protect the platform from criminal access. From this experience, our webmaster has therefore had to make changes here. However, since your password is stored in an encrypted file, it could not be transferred to the new file. Therefore, as of the change, you could no longer log in with your usual passport.

This change was announced on the registration page and marked in yellow. We wanted to draw attention to this special circumstance:

So if you get the message that your password is not correct, please proceed as follows: Press the link “Forget your username or password?”. This window will appear:

Enter your user name in the third field under “Forget your password?” and press “Send”. A new password will be sent to the e-mail address we have stored behind the user name.

You log in with your user name and the new password. Go to the link “My account”, see:

Press the button “change” and enter the desired personal password in the field “new password”. You must confirm this in the next field “repeat new password”.

Then you are saved in the new password management and hopefully you would not have to go through this process again for another 20 years…..

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