Hollywood is in Switzerland

The 72nd CD from the Cine Magic series by the publisher Marc Reift, Switzerland.

With this title we mean the musical centre of Hollywood. For hardly any publisher can offer more recordings and editions of film scores for wind orchestra than the publisher Marc Reift from Crans-Montana, Switzerland. 72 CDs with film scores from all over the world are currently on offer with almost 700 titles for wind orchestras and brass bands. To our knowledge, this is a world record.

From the great film classics like “Ben Hur” or “Gone with the Wind” to any number of adventures, thrillers and love stories, all types can be found at Mark Reift. This collection is not just pure compositions for films, classical music can also be found if it was used in a film.

Go on a crime spree in the next concert, show heart cinema, bring suspense and a dash of eroticism. The sound carriers, like the sheet music, are available through our delivery partners. Individual tracks are available for download.

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