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We receive requests from all over the world for help with special searches in We are happy to answer these requests, as they are also an indication of how we can improve the database and make it more practical. So if you want to apply very special criteria to your search, write to us – we’ll be happy to help.

A request from America: “I am updating my listing of Flute Solo with Band.Includes Piccolo, Alto Flute, Recorder and other Flute like instruments with band.Is there a link so that I would be sure of seeing all Flute with band listings on”(MusicFind1)

Our tip: Category: Concert/Wind/Brass Band => Subcategory: Solo for flute(s)/piccolo(s)/recorder(s) => Instrumentation: concert/wind band (Ha) => Start search. It should yield this list.

You can specify in this group if, for example, you are looking for editions for recorder. To do this, you should first go to the database “Abbreviations/lexicon” (Fig. 1) and search for the desired instrument, i.e.: recorder (enter in the line “Full text”). As a result you will get this list in which you can see which abbreviations we use to search with. The abbreviation “Blfl” searches for recorder, the abbreviation 2Blfl searches for works for 2 recorders, etc.

Search => Category: Sheet music/scoresConcert/wind/brass band => Subcategory: Solo for flute(s)/piccolo(s)/recorder(s) => Instrumentation: concert/wind band (Ha) => Line “Full text search”: Blfl => Start search brings all works for recorder and wind orchestra.

The same procedure for piccolo flute: => database Abbreviations/lexicon => piccolo flute => result: abbreviation is PicFlt. Therefore the search in sheet music/scores => subcategory: solo for flute(s)/piccolo(s)/recorder(s) => instrumentation: wind orchestra (Ha) => line “Full text search”: PicFlt

The answer from America: “Got it.  337 titles means I have a lot of research to do. ☺YOUR database is the best!”

A request from France: I am looking for works for children’s choir and wind orchestra.Database => Abbreviations/Lexicon => “Full text search” line: Children’s choir

Search => Database: Sheet Music/Score => Category: Wind Orchestra/HaFaBra => Instrumentation: Wind Orchestra (Ha) => Full text search: kndchor. The result should be here.

Of course, you can also use other criteria and filters, such as degree of difficulty, duration, or “with sound example”, “with radio” etc….

If you need help, please send us an email.

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