Big things have long shadows!

The planned WASBE Conference 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic, is such a big thing. Long preparation times are needed around the organisation, transport and accommodation of numerous large orchestras from all over the world. Corona has also thrown the schedule into disarray here, and so the first date in 2021 was already moved to 2022 last year as a precaution. By then, the organisers believe they will have the pandemic under control enough to be able to guarantee an undisturbed event.

The following orchestras and ensembles have already been selected for the Prague Conference 2022:

  • Filharmónica Beethoven (Spain), Juan José Fernández Olivares, conductor
  • Sinfonisches Landesblasorchester Hessen (Germany), Oliver Nickel, conductor
  • Montclair State University Wind Ensemble (USA), Thomas McCauley, conductor
  • Korean Wind Orchestra (Korea), Cheol Woong Lee, conductor
  • Orkest Orventus (The Netherlands), Jacco Nefs, conductor
  • Sinfonisches Blasorchester Bern (Switzerland), Rolf Schumacher, conductor
  • University of Delaware Wind Ensemble (USA), Lauren Reynolds, conductor
  • University of Louisville Wind Ensemble (USA), Frederick Speck, conductor

The festival concerts will take place in many different venues in Prague. If your ensemble still wants to actively participate, or is generally interested in the WASBE conference in Prague, there is more information at the link provided.

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