“Out of print” is not lost!

For more than 20 years we have been collecting complete recordings in our sound archive, which you can listen to on web radio. The majority of these tracks came from CDs that music bands or publishers had made available to us. Now it’s no secret that the CD market has collapsed and the production of new CDs has declined. Many of the older discs are also no longer being re-produced and are then marked as “out of print” in our database.

Vergriffen ist nicht verloren
Out of print is not lost
L’épuisement n’est pas perdu

“Out of print” therefore means: no longer available. However, it may be that one of our delivery partners still has such a CD in stock, in which case you will see the green note “Remaining stock available”. Such CDs can only be obtained from the dealer who is listed as a partner.

If such a CD is finally out of print and you need a sound recording of a track from this CD, you can request this track from us. We will send it to you by e-mail free of charge. Prerequisite: You are a full member and this track is not still available on another available CD. And also not if the CD is out of print but offered by a download board. In these cases, you must download the track from there against payment.

Just send us an email with your wishes. Because: “Out of stock” is therefore not lost….

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