Rundel’s Online Promo Catalogue 2020/21

Cirka 70 novelties have been compiled by the Rundel publishing house from Germany in its current online catalogue. An extensive programme for youth orchestras in its “eXplora series” can be found as well as works for symphonic wind band.

We found and linked as many other stories as possible around the respective compositions. For example, the legend of the “Todten Moos”: In the Black Forest there used to be a swamp which was called Todtmoos because of its deadly vapour. Later, several forest brothers and woodcutters settled in the forests around it. Once, when one of the latter wanted to cut down a fir tree at the swamp, a voice called out to him three times: “Stop! He asked what she wanted, to which she replied: “Tell the people to build a chapel here in honour of the Mother of God. After the woodcutter had said this, a priest examined the tree and found a small wooden vesper image in it. This was placed on the altar of the chapel that was built next to the fir tree. Soon people went on pilgrimage there and many miracles happened at the image. At present, neither the image nor the fir tree is left, but the former has been replaced by a faithful replica in life-size figures.

Compositions and arrangements by James L. Hosay, Kees Vlak, Alexander Arutjunjan, Carl Nielsen, and composers from the Alpine region such as Martin Scharnagl, Thomas Asanger, Stefan Schwalgin and many more musical stories can be found. Schmock in Rundel’s online promo catalogue.

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